It's not often than one discovers a talented artist on a street corner, but I had the good fortune of watching Jason Butler install a structure of public art on First Avenue on a hot summer day in 2013. It was my lucky day!

Many lucky days followed as Jason worked at my home off and on throughout the fall, finishing on New Year's Eve.

Originally, Jason restored large metal flowers that brighten the front of my home - and that was just the beginning; he then created a leisure area in the backyard. After removing the creaky, wooden ramada, Jason built a galvanized roof over the patio, doubling the outdoor living space that he enhanced with a stunning metal planter that he made.

To ensure safety, Jason designed and built handsome hand-rails for steps leading from the patio to the pool area. He even created colored sun glasses for the copper sun mounted on the house that faces the real sun each morning!

Jason's expertise covers myriad areas; he made fasteners for the existing gates and solved other minuscule problems.

The only thing that exceeds Jason's talent is his character. Jason is inventive, creative, intelligent, diligent, kind, co-operative, thoughtful, honest, well-mannered, and did I mention that he's fun? I'm a lucky girl to have found this jewel named Jason E. Butler.

-Jane Swicegood