While in Rome I was overwhelmed by all the fantastic metalwork throughout the city. Being in aircraft metal fabrication my appreciation of the metalwork around the monuments was deep. In particular the fence in front of Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio caught my attention. I wanted it. After returning home and researching how to go about the job myself it dawned on me that the time and effort involved for me to do it myself was just too much. Fortunately I knew someone I trusted to help me realize my dreams. I showed Jason a photo of what I wanted and in short fashion he produced the identical design in the form of a door meeting all of my requests and expectations. Most importantly, my wife, the Italian, who dreaded having "bars" on the front door, in the end said "classy". I trust her sense of style, and Jasons.

Logan E. White, TSgt
Aircraft Structural Craftsman
USAF-Davis Monthan