I always wanted a rooftop deck on my house. I needed stairs and a railing. They needed to be strong and safe and had to be custom built to fit the site. Jason Butler’s work was the perfect solution. We worked together on design and layout. Jason was flexible and resourceful enough to discover a novel staircase design that not only saved on materials, but also was artistically interesting. Throughout the project Jason went the extra mile to add artistic touches so that the finished product is both fully functional and pleasing to look at. From the scrollwork on the gate handle to the cup holders integrated into the built in benches, the whole project is well built and beautiful. The construction is so sturdy that I expect the metalwork to outlast the house. Getting a rooftop deck was the completion of a “dream come true” project. Thanks Jason for doing such a great job!

Kevin Mathews, Basis Tucson North Science Teacher & host of KXCI's Dead Air