Jason Butler has done several projects for my family's winery/vineyard in Sonoita, AZ; a 34-foot wide rolling gate in two 17-foot sections, a 3-foot wide pedestrian gate, a 6-foot wide access gate, an 8-foot wide oval sign and two 3-foot signs. All of these projects required the eye of an artist and the hand of a craftsman, Jason was the perfect choice for the job! His design and communication skills are top notch! I am thoroughly impressed with all of the work he has done for our vineyard! I originally found him on the internet and had only the testimonials of strangers to go by. Upon meeting him I was satisfied by his personality and presence that I could trust him with my work and a multi-thousand dollar deposit. I was not disappointed, in fact he kept me informed of progress on each project through emails, texts, phone calls and sent photos. Yes, he is an artist but he is also something of an engineer. Some of the work he has done for me needed to be very strong and long lasting. I am satisfied that his experience in fabricating informs his work and that the pieces he built for us will stand the test of time. We have been working together for several years and are now good friends. I will soon be opening a retail location in Tucson and Jason is already on the design/consult crew and will soon be building new work for me.

I recommend Jason fully and urge you to contact him. He is a wonderful person, artist and fabricator. He is prompt, fair, honest and thoughtful.

Kevin Wilhelm
Owner, Wilhelm Family Vineyards
Sonoita, AZ