I recently had the pleasure of working with Jason Butler. Our company offices are located in downtown Tucson, AZ in a glass facade high rise. We had an idea for a hi-tech sign for the front window using LED's and translucent plastic panels with etched text and logos. This would advertise not only our company but others that lease spaces in our building. Our team conceived of the sign but it was our consult with Jason that brought it to fruition. He engineered a way to; anchor the sign to a steel strip inside the wall, route the light's power cables invisibly inside a steel bracket and built the piece with a sleek minimalism and aesthetic edge that we were thrilled to see!

Overall the entire experience of working with Jason was a surprising pleasure! I never imagined we would find such a smart and talented craftsman to complete this job. He truly made it easy!

Matt Dickey
Director of Asset & Property Management
Bourn Companies