I have known and worked with Jason Butler since 2006. I know he and his family personally and have contracted with him for many industrial metal fabrication projects.

Our company provides industrial pumps for the mining industry. We ship parts all over the United States and also fulfill some international orders. Jason has built countless belt guards for our pumps both small and large. These are complex with many aligning parts requiring attention to shop drawings. In addition, Jason often consults with me as he finds design issues and helps me innovate and improve our products. I employ several welders in my shop but Jason's welding and fabrication skills are unmatched, this is why I take the trouble to have him do certain work requiring an advanced touch. Recently he TIG welded a very large, thick and intricate stainless steel bracket which no one in my shop could produce.

I am constantly amazed at the array of projects I see him working on when I visit his shop; large sculptures for public art installations, architectural pieces such as doors and gates and small forgings which he has hand-touched for artistic awards, belt-buckles etc. Though my company's work is not artistic in nature Jason always pays close attention to detail and treats me like one of his most important clients. He completes my work in a timely manner.

Jason Butler is an honest and hardworking businessman, talented artist and skilled welder and metal fabricator. He also happens to be an inspiring endurance athlete (mountain and road cycling and ultra-running)!

I so certify,

Rod Xanthos
President and CEO
Southwest Pump Company
Since 1950