To Interested Parties:

This is a reflection on the work that Jason Butler, MFA performed for the Pima County Wastewater Reclamation Department (RWRD) for the Public Art Project incorporated into the Department’s 20 Million Dollar Southeast Interceptor Augmentation (SEI) Project.

Jason was required to create a Public Art Project under the direction of a 5 Member Committee comprised of members from the Communities impacted by the Project, primarily the three historic Barrios. To accomplish this he was required to work within a given Budget and comply with the RWRD SEI Project completion.

Based on the Committees feelings for family Jason introduced the concept of using the neighborhood children to participate in the Public Art Project, resulting in the creation of five sketches assembled from the children from three local schools that were reproduced on 55 RWRD manhole covers. With the estimated funding remaining in the Budget, Jason was able to design, acquire the materials, fabricate and install a Public Ramada (KIOSKO). To complete this Jason used his skills with concrete and steel to form, pour and finish benches; to reproduce the sketches from the manhole covers etched in steel plate and sandwiched between mesh plates protected by another layer of etched steel. Jason then used his experience and abilities to erect the columns and roof structure fabricated in his workshop to complete the KIOSKO structure and also provided the landscaping.
Jason assembled an accurate breakdown of the individual major cost components of the Project from only a Concept and was able to accomplish the work within the established Budget. Jason also put his other tasks aside to complete the SEI Public Art Project on schedule.

Jason’s success with the RWRD SEI Public Art Project has attracted a great deal of local attention and much positive Public comment and contributed to regional Public Agency awards for the RWRD SEI Project.

Glen Peterson
Pima County Wastewater
SEI Project Manager